About Us

About Us

Our Community

We are a parish that loves the Lord Jesus Christ and is committed to knowing him and following him in joy and faithfulness. Also, as a people who have received the love of Christ, we seek to share this love with our community and the surrounding world. 

With these two principal truths in our hearts, Faith Church began about 9 years ago. Initially, we met in a parishioner’s home, but we then began gathering at Cambridge Public School. After about 5 years at Cambridge, in 2015, we moved to the Limoges Pavilion, Rodolphe Latreille Park. Currently, we are gathering for worship at St. Viateur School Community Centre, 205 Limoges Rd., Limoges, Ontario but we’re open for where the Lord might lead us next. Throughout history God’s people have often been without a stable place to call home, so we’ve learned to make our home wherever we are and to look forward to the city with immovable foundations and where all is made new (Heb. 11:10, Rev. 21:14).

Our Affiliation

Another thing about us, as you may have noticed, is that we are Anglican. We are part of the Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC) which is a diocese of the Anglican Church in a North America (ACNA)—a Province which was formed in order to remain in Communion with Anglicans around the world and the Church which maintains the Apostolic Faith. 

As such, we are committed to being faithful to Holy Scripture and to the Faith “that was once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 1:3) as expressed in the Anglican Tradition. We abide by established Christian doctrine and Anglican practices, and we use a contemporary form of the Ancient Christian Liturgy. We highly value clear expositions of the biblical texts to help us understand the Gospel and to learn to live by it, and we are deeply devoted to the dutiful reception of the Sacraments. So if you join us on a Sunday, you will notice that Christ among us, through Word and Sacrament, is the centre of our worship. Everything we do is intentionally ordered in a way that tries to bring emphasis to this above all else!

If you’d like a more detailed explanation of what we believe, check out this full statement of Faith which we subscribe to in unity with all the parishes of our Diocese. And check out our Province’s statement of Faith to see that which we hold in common with all the churches in the Anglican Church in North America.

And if you’d really like to understand what we believe…the only way to do this is to see how we pray and live. So come get to know us in person and join us for worship!